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Full version of Russian Forestry Review 1'2006 The first issue of Russian Forestry Review was published in May 2006 with the circulation of 5,000 samples. Since that time the subscription campaign has been held and has presented the considerable interest of the foreign companies to the presented information as well as their wish to read new issues of the edition.

The issue #1 was devoted to the most important questions of the Russian Timber Industry development and we prepared for you the serious analytics upon several main sectors.

We propose you to get acquainted with the issue Russian Forestry Review #1 (2006). It is in English language and we made a short description of the content that is presented below.

Russian Forest Industry: a Snapshot

The Russian Forestry Complex: Past, Present and Future
The state of the Russian Timber Industry upon the results of the previous years: the role of Timber Industry in the economy of Russia, the share of the timber output in the common production volume, plank exporting. Prospects of the Russian Timber Industry development, possibilities, risks and threats.

On the Threshold of Great Changes
The interview with the famous Russian expert, the Forestry and Woodworking Complexes Development Manager of the Ilim Pulp corporation Dmitry C?ujko about the expectations in the Russian Timber Industry and about the Government’s role in its development.

Timber Corporations to Become a Way Out
The Director of the Strategic Development of Arkhangelskiy TsBK, Ph.D. Natalya Pinyaguina discusses the reasons of a severe system crisis in the Russian TI. She names: the low investment activity in the sector, capacity deterioration, unfriendly absorptions, a lack of national forestry politics and imperfect legislation.

Valery Saykovsky: “Russia is Following in the Steps of Finland and Sweden”
Upon the opinion of President of the Confederation of Forestry, Pulp-and-Paper, Woodworking and Furniture Associations and Unions Valery Saykovskiy the Russian TI has a big future counting the results of the previous years and the new tendencies that may considerably help to develop the timber industry: the active inculcation of the deep woodworking, the complex use of the raw materials and wooden-house construction development.

Alexander Belyakov: “We Don’t Need a New Forestry Code”
This is an interview with a famous political figure, an expert in nature management and, in particular, on timber resources, auditor of the Accounts Chamber, headed the Forest Industry and Forestry Development Committee for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Alexandr Belyakov. The expert shares with us that the Russian timber industry complex is constantly expecting serious modernization upon the new Forestry Code, so no qualitative shift is seen. A lot of regulations including regulations of the Government and profile Ministries are subjected to criticism.

Forestry. Forest use

Russian Forests. Official Outlook of the Federal Forestry Agency of the Russian Federation
This is an overall picture of forests that grow on the territory of the Russian Federation based on the data given by the Federal Forestry Agency of RF, upon the annual allowable cut and actual harvested volume, major forest-forming species and etc.

Forest Certification: Russia Among Top Actors
This is information about the certification process in Russia, about the problems and outlooks. One gives the data about the regions and the leading enterprises upon the volumes of the certificated forests.

Forest Code: Choose or Loose
It is an interview with doctor of economic sciences, an RFSD deputy and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Forests of the corresponding SD Committee, Vladimir Kroupchak, about the ideas that base the draft of a new Forest Code appealing to stimulate investment activity in the sector, about the disadvantages of the first variant proposed by the Ministry of the development of Economy and Trade of the Russian Federation and about the advantages of the new edition of the project prepared with more than 5,000 amendments.

Over the Past Five Years, the Area of Certified Forests has Increased Some 20 Times
This is an interview with director of the FSC Russia National Office, Andrey Ptichnikov, about the today’s process of forest certification upon FSC system in Russia.

Pskov Model Forest: Background Information
It is a description of the project “Pskov Model Forest.” One tells about the project realization, its difficulties and prospects.

From Idea to Practice
It is an overall picture of the main parameters of the Komi Model Forest project and of the process of its realization since its launching in 1996.


Old Equipment Won’t Last Long: the Future of Russian Sawmilling
Sawmill in Russia: the sectoral role on the internal and global market and technical equipment of enterprises. The problems of the sectoral development: considerable wear of facilities, their moral and physical obsolescence, necessity to renew the sawmilling equipment without the sufficient volume of investments.

Long-trump Holders Loose? An analytical look at wood-based panel production
It is an analytical look at wood-based panel production in Russia: its share in the global production volumes upon the different product category, technical and technological equipment. The huge sectoral potential might be realized with the condition of launching more contemporary technologies, equipment modernization, assortment widening and usage of low-qualitative raw materials.

The Biggest Manufacturer of Wood-Based Panels in Russia
It is an article about the biggest manufacturer of wood-based panels in Russia - Kronostar company that is included into Swiss Krono Group (Kronoholding AG).

Global Edge: 15 Years Of Success
One represents the information about the activity of one of the hugest dealers of woodworking equipment and tools for furniture production – company Global Edge.

Wooden Construction

Wooden House-building in Russia
The main part of the overview is devoted to the problems of the housing deficit in the country, construction demand, dynamics of inhabitants’ ability and migration processes. The wooden construction started to form into the separate sector for several previous years, but in the conditions of the high lodging demand it has a big potential of growth in the country. One briefly tells about the existing technologies of the wooden house-building, development problems of the sector and its prospective role in the development of timber industry complex.

The End of Urbanization?
It is an interview with President of Global Edge, Mikhail Lifshitz, about the prospects for the development of timber house construction in Russia.


Possibilities and Threats for European Business in the Russian Bio-energy Sector Under its Current Condition
It is an overview upon the youngest and most actively developing Timber Industry sector: the history of the industry forming, using technologies during the production, logistics, output quality and consumption market. The practice of organizing enterprises for wood granules production in Russia. Existing problems and ways of their solutions.

Pulp and Paper industry

Russian Pulp and Paper industry: situation, problems, perspectives
It is the detailed overall picture of the pulp-and-paper of Russia: dynamics of production volumes and range of goods. The article covers the reasons of the begun stagnation in the sector in the conditions of a big home demand on the qualitative product: old facilities, necessity to launch a new equipment, the high capital intencity and long space of investments payback time.

Partnership and Consolidation – the Way of the Russian Forestry Industrial Complex
This is an article about the leader of the Russian timber industry, the biggest forestry corporation in Russia named Ilim Pulp: its history, corporate structure, production lines and range of goods, ecological and social responsibility of the enterprises and future trends.

Investment Crisis
The main reason of the long-drawn stagnation in the Russian pulp-and-paper is a lack of investments. The Russian enterprises will loose a part of the foreign markets and the competitiveness with Russia will be higher if the situation is not overcome during the next few years.

Russian Regions

The article consists of the characteristic of the forest funds in regions of the Russian Federation, analysis of the development of the main sectors, information about activity of small and huge enterprises and forestry departments in regions, lists of the investment projects and the main problems and prospects for development.

The Timber Industry in Leningrad Region
Review of Timber Industry in Leningrad region.

The Vologda Region Forests
Review of Timber Industry in Vologda region.

Karelia: Habitat of the Forest
Review of Timber Industry in Republic of Karelia.

Novgorod Region: the Land of Birch
Review of Timber Industry in Novgorod region.

Arhangelsk Region: Past, Present and Future
Review of Timber Industry in Arhangelsk region.

Under Airplane Wings Stretches The Green Plain Of A Parma
Review of Timber Industry in Republic of Komi.

The Timber Industry Complex of the Irkutsk Region
Review of Timber Industry in Irkutsk region.

Some of the Enterprises Presented in Russian Forestry Review
It is a list of the enterprises mentioned in the Review with the full address and contact data upon the regions.

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