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Promo-PDF of Russian Forestry Review 2' border=The second issue of Russian Forestry Review was published in September 2007 in 5,000 copies. The subscription campaign started long before the publication date – as early as in January 2007. In May 2007, we issued a special digest announcing analytical articles to be included in the edition, which significantly stirred up the interest of foreign companies to it.

Russian Forestry Review #2 became a follow-up of the initial issue. In other words, analytical information is not repeated or doubled. Reviews cover, first of all, the latest changes in the industries relying on materials earlier published. In terms of supply of information, the reader just benefits, as he/she finds only the updated and topical data in every next issue of Russian Forestry Review. Russian Forestry Review #2 informs about the changes the Russian Timber Industry Complex underwent during the year 2006 and first half year of 2007. You will find information about dynamics observed during earlier years in the previous Russian Forestry Review issue.

We offer you to get acquainted with Russian Forestry Review #2 (2007). As this journal is published in English, we have made a brief summary of its contents which is given below.

Russian Forest Industry: a Snapshot

The Russia’s Timber Industry
The article is about the condition of Russian Timber Industry Complex as of the end of 2006: general outlook and brief spot descriptions of all subindustries (forest resources, harvesting, woodworking, including sawmilling, panel and plywood production; pulp and paper production, furniture branch), as well as information about international trade and related investments.

Russian Forest Industry: state of affairs and steps taken by the Ministry of Industry and Energy for its development
The article describing the state of affairs in the Russian Timber Industry Complex is prepared by the press service of the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Energy.

Larger Preferences for Large Investors
The article is about new opportunities for investors of Russian Timber Industry introduced by Government Resolution ? 419 “On Priority Investment Projects in the Sphere of Forest Development”.

New Russian “Forest Government”
The author introduces foreign readers to the peculiarities of current state system of forest resources management in Russia under the new Forest Code and makes forecasts for its further development.

Russian Timber Industry Development Prospects
Valery Saykovsky, president of Confederation of Associations and Unions of Forest, Pulp and Paper, Woodworking and Furniture Industries gives his view of the vectors of development of Russian Timber Industry In the nearest future.

On Russia’s Behalf
The article discloses activities of Russian Confederation of Associations and Unions of Forest, Pulp and Paper, Woodworking and Furniture Industries.

Pine-Scented Investments
The article is a picture of newly created Investlesprom Industrial Corporation.

The Russian Woodworking Industry from a European Perspective

The Russian Forestry Sector in the Global Forest Products Market: Trends, Outlook and Opportunities for Development
UN FAO experts made an inquiry into Russian Timber Industry during the period from early 90s and analyzed the situation in the industry and prospects of its development.

European Associations about Russian Woodworking Industry
Brief comments on prospects of Russian Timber Industry from European Confederation of Woodworking Industries and European Federation of Plywood Manufacturers.

Forestry. Forest use

Map of Russia’s Forests
Map of Russian forests painted to show composition of the forest estate. It was made on the basis of space imagery and analyzed by Greenpeace Russia specialists.

Forest May Bring More Profit to the Economy
Translation of the article published in the Russian Forest Newspaper.
Yury Trutnev, Minister of Natural Resources, gives his view of the situation in the Russian Timber Industry, including forest legislation, in connection with the entry into force of the new Forest Code and the role to be played by the forest in the national economy.

Round Timber Export Will Be Expensive
Translation of the article published in the Russian Forest Newspaper.
Valery Roschupkin, head of Federal Forestry Agency, comments on the plans of Russian Government to increase export duties on roundwood.

The New Russian Forest Code: a Review
The head of forest department of Greenpeace Russia give expert view of innovations in Russian forest legislation related to the entry into force of the new Forest Code in the beginning of 2007.

Quantity is Transforming into Quality
The article describes the ongoing process of voluntary forest certification in Russia and results obtained for the year 2006 and early 2007.

We will find our own way
The article is dedicated to the creation of National Voluntary Forest Certification System (FCR) officially announced by the Federal Forestry Agency in August 2007. According to its initiators, Forest Certification System is expected to get international recognition and become more affordable alternative to forest certification schemes operating in this country.

Timber Logging

Big Opportunities Bring Hope, Reality Kills It
Russia enjoys enormous forest resources but uses these benefits quite ineffectively. The article tells about the actual state of affairs in the RF logging industry experiencing a difficult period a demonstrating a negative production dynamics every next year.


Russia is Adding Value to Wood
A review of lumber production in Russia: condition of production facilities, output, markets, export, investments, etc. Production projects already implemented on the territory of Russia are presented.

The Russian OSB Market
OSB is quite a new construction material for Russia which hasn’t yet become widely used by the local industry. Nevertheless, demand for OSB, still underproduced in this country, is boosting mainly due to the growing need of timber frame and panel house construction.

RAGPC – In the Name of a Common Goal
The article is about the activity of Russian Association of Glulam Producers and Customers.

Kronostar Has Received the FSC Team Certificate
An advertisement article about Russian Kronostar plant, a member of Krono Swiss, which obtained FSC team certificate.

Aspects of the Russian Federation’s Development of Plywood Industry
A review of plywood production in Russia: output, import, export, consumption. Market leaders, problems and challenges of the subindustry.

Challenges and opportunities in the Russian Birch Plywood Business
Interview with the general director of Finnish consulting company Indufor Oy concerning production of birch plywood – a unique product manufactured only by countries having huge birch resources: Russia, Finland, Baltic countries and China.

Furniture Production

The Russian Furniture Industry: A Thorny Road to an Uncertain Goal
An article disclosing the history of the Russian furniture industry beginning from post-war years until today. Statistics on furniture and chipboard production volume as of 2006 is provided.

Association for the Russian Furniture and Woodworking Industry Celebrates its 10th Anniversary
An article about activities of the Association of Russian Furniture and Woodworking Industries.

Pulp and Paper industry

Actual Problems of Development of the Russian Pulp and Paper Industry. Immediate Prospects
The article is about the state of affairs and development of Russian pulp and paper industry for the previous six years. The focus is put on the most acute issues, mainly investments into upgrading of existing enterprises and construction of new ones.

Mondi Business Paper Syktyvkar
Advertisement article about Mondi Business Paper Syktyvkar Timber Company

Russian Association of Pulp and Paper Organizations and Enterprises
Article about activities of Russian Association of Pulp and Paper Organizations and Enterprises (RAO Bumprom).


Bioenergy Possibilities Russia’s Northwest
The review provides basic information about bioenergy in Russia, its major part is dedicated to one of the highly-developed federal districts – Northwest. Assessment of bioenergetics potential of the region focuses on the volume waste produced by sawmilling, woodworking and pulp and paper enterprises.

Russian Regions

The Krasnodar Region in Figures
Review of Timber Industry in Krasnodar region.

Volgograd Region
Review of Timber Industry in Volgograd region.

Sverdlovsk Region
Review of Timber Industry in Sverdlovsk region.

The Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District
Review of Timber Industry in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District

The Tyumen Region
Review of Timber Industry in Tyumen region (without autonomous districts).

Investment Offers for Building Woodworking Enterprises in Tyumen Region
Readers are introduced to investment proposals prepared by administration authorities of Tyumen region. Jaakko Poyry Consulting conducted analysis and feasibility study of the projects presented with consideration of results reported in the end of 2006.

Special Report

China – How It Looks from the Russian Side
An expert’s opinion about further development of economic cooperation between Russia and China in the forest sphere, taking into account the China’s aggressive expansion, on the one hand, and latest changes in the system of RF state regulation of forest related industries, on the other.

Larch in Russia
The article is dedicated to the Russian larch – a unique wood in terms of biological resistance and superior mechanical properties.

Basic Timber Producers in Russia

New Formed Forestry Departments in Federal Districts of RF

Table of Profile Exhibitions and conferences

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