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The Russian Forestry Complex: a General Overview

Traditionally the first material in each RFR issue is the review of Russian forestry industry with description of the main trends dominating in this industry today. This article was prepared by Pöyry international foreign consulting company specially for the Russian Forestry Review.

The Growing Russian Forestry Industry Will Receive Better Equipment and Service

The article is about the trends in lumbering operations in Russia, success and prospects of John Deere Company at the Russian market of timber-harvesting machinery.

Russia's Fading Competitive Edge

The research is devoted to investment prospects of the Russian forestry complex, RF FC competitive edge and disadvantages in terms of long-term investments into timber processing. The article is prepared by an analyst of the Russian subdivision of Poyry company.

Meeting the Challenge of Harsh Harvesting Conditions

The article by Caterpillar Company is about challenging operational conditions for road building and harvesting machinery in Russia. Caterpillar machines successfully perform their work in different RF regions.

Russia’s Timber Industry Embarks on a Civilized Course of Development

Prior to new Forest Code coming into effect in 2008, the government had used the 20-year-old data obtained before the USSR disintegration. This outdated and often misleading information about timber reserves in certain regions of Russia has become a serious slow-down factor in timber-processing industry development in the country. One of the key requirements in the new Forest Code became development by the regions of so-called forest management plans, within the frameworks of which the full inventory of forest areas must be made. This article is about the progress of forest inventory work in Russian regions.

A Flammable Summer

Summer of 2010 was remarkable for abnormally high air temperatures, especially in the European part of the country. The strong heat and draught caused large-scale natural disasters  forest fires and windfalls. This article analyses the consequences of these disasters and tells the readers about the measures taken by the state to mitigate the damage to the forests and to prevent from repeating the situation in future.

Russian Sawmilling Industry

The article by the Finnish consulting company Indufor is devoted to what the Russian sawmilling industry is like, and what role it plays at the global market of sawmilling products. It specifies the strengths and weaknesses of the Russian sawmilling industry under the condition of growing international competition.

Prospects for the MDF and Particleboard Industry in Russia

This analytical material by the Australian research company Bis Shrapnel is about production of particleboards in Russia: market status, market condition, production dynamic, key trends and development forecasts.

Wood Construction in Russia in the 21st Century: the Finnish View

Wood construction in Russia is developing very fast, but the wood construction volumes in the country are too small to play a sufficient role in economy. The concrete remains the main construction material in erection of buildings, especially of multi-storey ones. Finnish Forest Research Institute – Metla represented its view of achievements in wood construction in RF and prospects of its further development.

Russian Regions

Reviews of Russian Regions are of a big interest of our readers. That is because they include general information regarding condition of their economy in whole, forestry sector and investment climate of regions, as well as about natural resources, industry, social infrastructure, development of science and culture. In each article dedicated to investment climate of a region we tell about activity of the hugest timber companies.

Administrative division in RF proceeds not only for separate regions, but more generally – for federal districts. Russian Forestry Review #1 (issued in 2006) covered surveys about only several forestry regions of north-west Federal District, #2 (2007) – the Ural and Southern Federal Districts, #3 (2009) - the Siberian and Far East Federal Districts.

Twelve regions of Central Federal District (Bryansk, Kaluga, Kostroma, Moscow, Vladimir and Yaroslavl Region) and Volga Federal District (Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod and Ulyanovsk Region, Perm Krai, Republic of Bashkortostan, Republic of Tatarstan) are described in the Russian Forestry Review #4.

Each regional review is followed by the map of the region and lists including contact data of large-scale forestry companies, state administration bodies, trade educational organizations and research institutes.

CONTACT DATA of Large-Scale Companies of Russian Forestry Complex

Contact data with description of the major Russian forestry companies. All companies are sorted out by their activity – wood-logging, wood-sawing, woodworking, production of plywood and wood-based panels, furniture production, wooden house construction, pulp-and-paper and bioenergy.

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