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A Complex View
The Russian Forest Industry: Five and 15 years after crisis

This is analytical review of the forest industry, and its evolution for the last 10 years. The review covers analysis of the key forestry sectors: pulp and paper industry, wood-sawing, wooden boards production and bioenergy. The author Alexey Beschastnov, who is a consultant of Poyry Management Consulting, concludes that the Russian forest industry is constantly developing in spite of systemic problems in the industry, i.e. constant reforming of forest legislation, expensive credit funds, issues of availability and market rates of the timber raw materials, and etc. The article shows development forecasts of each sector for the nearest future.

Ilim Group: multimillion investments in action

This article covers two investment projects of OAO Ilim Group – Big Bratsk and Big Koryazhma. These biggest investment projects of the Russian forest industry are nearing completion, and the cumulative investment capitals volume for the period of their realization (since 2007 till 2013) exceeded 1.8 billion US Dollars. The article is published as advertising.

Russian Sawmills Lose Their Traditional Competitive Advantages

Clear log cost and labour price have always been the main advantage of the Russian wood-sawing plants. Both of these are eroding fast. Labour costs are steadily growing, sawn wood is rising in rates, and it is getting hard to provide productions with raw materials. At the same time, price for the Russian sawn wood is visibly lower than the products of Scandinavian countries, for example. Russian products are unappreciated because of quality problems, caused by old technologies, low service, long-time deliveries, difficult payments, and bad work with reclamations. Authors of the article – co-workers of forestry department of consulting company Indufor Jarno Seppala, Petteri Nuolvirta, and Jussi Silventoinen – have analyzed in details all the costs components for sawn wood production, and proposed specific steps for increase of competitiveness of the Russian wood-sawing.

A partnership tested by time: the guarantee of common success

It is an article about long-term cooperation of the oldest manufacturer of forestry machines and road-building equipment in America John Deere, and Shelekhovsky Kompleksny Lespromkhoz since 2002. The article is published as advertising.

Wood-Based Panel and Plywood Production
The wood-based panel business –Russia is growing

Volumes of the world market of wood-based panels and plywood are rocketing, for 10 years - since 2001 till 2011 - the production had been redoubled. The fastest growth was seen in Asia Pacific region, including China, where more than a half of the region’s wood-based panels is produced. Eastern Europe, including Russia, was the second fastest growing region. Production and consumption volumes of wood-based panels in Russia are rocketing faster than around the region in average.

Author of the review Alexey Beschastnov analyses condition of the Russian plywood and panel industry, and explains by what boards production in Russia was driven, and what kind of obstacles are in the way of its today’s development.

Wooden Bioenergy
Russia goes to Asiaand overload Europe with pellets

Russia takes the 3rd-4th place in the world’s pellet production market. Being the country with the largest forest areas in the world, Russia is not considered to be the biggest producer of pellets, because of low usage of wood raw materials in the entire forest complex of the country. This could come around in the near future when more international woodworking companies start operating in the country. Author of the article – Chief editor of the magazine The Bioenergy International. Russia Olga Rakitova – gives expert view to new for Russia pelleting direction, tells about key players of the native pellet market, and gives a short forecast of the sector development.

Pulp and Paper Industry
Russian PPI:Current state and outlook

Inspite of growth retardation in Russia and negative economic background in Europe, the native paper and cardboard market continue to grow. Russia’s accession to the WTO will become a serious challenge of the Russian PPI, because most of the plants’ facilities became deteriorated and morally outdated. Author – deputy chairman of the Russian Association of Pulp and paper Organizations and Enterprises (RAO Bumprom) Yury Lakhtikov – presented the main activities of production, export, and consumption of paper products in Russia, as well as his own forecast of the sector development within new market conditions.

A Point of View
Operational Excellence Projectsin Russia

Operational excellence projects are the projects with zero investment capital, directed to productivity improvement of the existing production at the cost of optimization of different production operations, logistics, accounting, and etc. Companies, specializing on management consulting work out such projects. ?onsultant of Poyry Management Consulting Alexey Beschastnov tells about implementation practice of such projects in Russia.

World Trade Organization (WTO)Rules and Russian Forestry Policy

Russia has become a fully fledged member of the World Trade Organization – the WTO. Experts of the NP SRO Lesnoy Soyuz analyze advantages and disadvantages of this important step for the native forest industry.

Reviews of economics, forest resources and forestry of the Russian regions:

Northwestern Federal District:

  • Arkhangelsk Oblast
  • Vologda Oblast
  • Republic of Karelia
  • Komi Republic
  • St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast
Central Federal District:
  • Tver Oblast
Southern Federal District:
  • Krasnodar Krai
Siberian Federal District:
  • Kemerovo Oblast
  • Irkutsk Oblast
Ural Federal District:
  • Sverdlovsk Oblast
  • Chelyabinsk Oblast

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